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Sportowa Spółka Akcyjna Miejski Klub Sportowy Cracovia (Sport Joint-Stock Company Municipal Sport Club Cracovia) was established in 1997. The 24th of January 2003 was a key day in the history of the club as the prevailing sponsor of the football and hockey teams – Comarch S.A. in the person of the Chairman of the Board, Janusz Filipiak – has signed together with the Mayor of the Royal Capital City of Cracow, Jacek Majchrowski, a letter of intent, according to which Comarch bought a block of 300 000 shares for 3 million zł acquiring 28% stake in the Company. It would not have been possible without the efforts of many people associated with Cracovia. An especially large role was played by "The Group of 100" with Paweł Misior and Dariusz Mróz at the helm, and by the fan organisation Koło Sympatyków Cracovia. The football and hockey teams began climbing up the league tables. In May 2004 the Board of Comarch decided to increase its financial involvement in MKS. Based on the Cracow City Council's decision of 15 June 2004 the Company recapitalised itself by 4 mln zł with new issuance of shares. Comarch's share in the Company increased to 49%. In December 2011 the Company recapitalised itself by 16 mln zł increasing the share capital to 18 420 100 zł. The next recapitalisation took place in February 2013 leading to the share capital increasing to 19 560 100 zł. The most recent increase of the share capital occurred in January 2014 and now the share capital amounts to 21 840 100 zł. As a result Comarch S.A. holds 66.11% of MMKS Cracovia share capital which entitles Comarch to 66.11% of votes at the Annual General Meetings of Shareholders.

Company's headquarters

MKS Cracovia SSA
1 Kałuży Street
30-111 Cracow

Contact the club:

MKS Cracovia SSA
101 Wielicka Street
30-552 Cracow

Additional information

Oznaczenie wpisu do Sądu Rejonowego (District Court data):

Sąd Rejonowy dla Krakowa Śródmieścia w Krakowie, Wydział XI Gospodarczy KRS (the 11th Economic Department of the National Court Register, District Court in Central Cracow)

Register number - 0000048937

NIP (value added tax identification number): 677-20-79-476
REGON (Taxpayer Identification Number) : 351553230

Amount of share capital – 21 840 100 zł

Organizational structure

Chairman of the Board

prof. Janusz Filipiak


Jakub Tabisz

Administrative Director

Iwona Bursztyka
tel.: + 48 694 464 572

Business Development Director

Karina Królikowska
tel.: 660 464 495

Przemysław Staniek

tel.: +48 694 464 711

Stadium Director

Agnieszka Matras-Latko
tel.: +48 694 464 974